Sunday, 1 March 2015

A Word of Thanks

On 1st March, my first comic novel, Unreliable Histories, reached the top of the charts on Authonomy -  a site on which independent authors review one another's works. It's a large and thriving community, and each month's 'top five ' books go on to be reviewed on the Harper Collins Editor's Desk.

It would be fair -though something of an understatement - to say I was pleased. However, there now follows a nervous wait for a publishing editor's professional review.

Getting to 'the desk' was by no means the result of a solo effort. Scores of writers provided invaluable help and support and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank them. Their feedback has enabled me to address flaws that I would never have seen, had I been left to my own devices. As a result of their scrutiny and suggestions,  I have edited, clarified and re-written, and I'm sure the finished draft is a far superior work as a result.

Many individual writers have helped and I have thanked some of them personally, but I wanted to say a public thank you to Rob Wingfield, for suggesting I join the site in the first place and to the members of the Comedy Literature Only Group (CLOG). A finer and more supportive group of people you will never find.

Another CLOG member who is drawing excitingly close to the Editor's Desk is the talented and generous-hearted Alastair Miles. If you enjoy truly 'creative' writing and individuality, you could do a lot worse than to sign up on Authonomy and read his metaphysical comedy 'Going Afterlife.'

You don't have to be a writer to join Authonomy, incidentally. There are lots of people there who just enjoy reading and commenting on indie works, so feel free to jump in and browse. And whilst  you're there, here are a few other novels that are well worth a look. (Unless otherwise shown, all works may be previewed on 

Aaron Gray and the Dragon War
Bad Business
Elves and Such
End Time Gentlemen
God's Captain
Last Action Zero
Midge Fly and the End of the World
Show and Tell
Slow Poison
Soul Hosts
Summer of Forbidden Love
Teatime for the Dead
That Scoundrel Emile Dubois
The Book In The Bottle
The Cotton Smile
The Exit Man
The Flatpack Observer
The Legend Of Gilangelly
The Origin Of Writing In The Footprints Of Birds
The Private Rage of George
The Snobgoblin
The Suicide Faerie
Tall(er) Tales: The Legend of P.P. Pirate
The Transition of Johnny Swift
The Worst Man on Mars
These Ithacas
This Iron Race: Acts of the Servant 
White Matter

These are just a few examples and, of course, I've only read a fraction of all the works on offer. The site really is something of a treasure trove. Why not have a look and treat yourself?

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