The Null Room

The Null Room is a fictional chamber that features in my first comic fantasy, 'Unreliable Histories.'

It would be nice to tell you more about it and why it is so significant but there are a little over 7.2 billion people living on this world at present and a surprisingly large proportion of them haven't yet got round to reading the book. For their sakes, I won't spoil things by giving away too much, other than to say that I thought it would be an appropriate title for this section, which is devoted to providing some additional notes and insights regarding 'Unreliable Histories' and its sequel, 'The Endless Land'.

Unreliable Histories:
In the first novel, we discover the answers to some important questions, such as:
  • Who keeps the torches burning in all those long-deserted underground lairs?
  • Is there any meaningful difference between women's armour and fetish-gear ?
  • Why the sudden obsession with avocadoes?

In unearthing such valuable knowledge, we encounter bandits, demons and the somewhat peculiar theomancers, whose most significant contributions to society include tutting at artworks and sneaking into public parks late at night in order to chisel all the naughty parts off statues. However, these are by no means the only desperate perils that await Myrah and her friends as they pursue a growing suspicion that reality might be a lot less reliable than they'd first thought.

The Endless Land:
The adventure continues in this second and final instalment, which sees Myrah and her not excessively brave companions fleeing the Empire in search of a mystical gate. (Well, there'd have to be one of those, wouldn't there?)

Quests play a big part in the fantasy genre but, to be realistic, three inexperienced and poorly equipped adventures can only be expected to achieve so much. Plausibility dictates that a small and only moderately competent group of civilians could not hope to prevail against armies, vampires and an immortal demon who has made something of a speciality of ending worlds.

On the other hand, once you've discovered the Power of All Creation, plausibility isn't such a pressing concern.

In this tale, we'll:
  • Voyage with pirates
  • Visit the Temple of the Seven Virgins
  • Discover the connection between vampires, garlic and other small vegetables
  • Learn why building lairs in dormant volcanoes can sometimes be counter-productive
  • Discover the secret of all creation

And all of this in a novel that is guaranteed 100% free from ancient prophesies.