Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Bittersweet Joy of a Perceptive Review

I'm a little embarrassed. I've been outdone.

Whenever the topic of my books comes up in conversation, the most common question I'm asked (apart from "who are you?" and "will you please let go of my arm?") is what the two novels are about. What usually follows is a lengthy period of esoteric rambling on my part, accompanied by uncomfortable looks on the part of the listener and their slow shuffling towards the nearest exit.

In short, I'm not very good at summarising the themes and objectives of my writings. (Ironically, however, the preceding sentence is, actually, a pretty concise summary of the problem.)

However, a fellow indie writer by the name of Raymond Holland clearly suffers no such disability. At the end of June, having read both Unreliable Histories and The Endless Land, he wrote a review on, which you can read here. (Unreliable Histories review.)

I've just spent a few minutes looking through that review for a line or two to quote but I've decided that, no, I'm not going to do that. It would spoil it - and that would be shame because, like pretty much everything Mr Holland produces, it's a treat to read. Instead, I simply urge you to read it for yourself. Go on - please. Not because it says some very complimentary things about my books (although it does do that) but because it's fun. It's interesting and it's perceptive and, yes, honestly, it's fun.

Annoyingly, it's also a better summary of what I've been trying to achieve than anything I've ever written myself.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what he made of The Endless Land, his review is here. (The Endless Land review.)

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